Mid Day Walks - $20-$25/visit (Depending on Area)

We will come exercise your dog while you are away during the day due to work or a day trip. They receive a 30-45 minute walk/playtime, lots of love and attention, fresh water, feeding if required and a treat before we leave, if permitted. This visit gives your pet the exercise and companionship he or she needs while you are away for the day.

In Home Visits - $20-$25/visit (Depending on Area)

This fee is for all pets great or small. This includes a 30-45 minute visit. We exercise your pet, feed them, give them fresh water and give them a treat if permitted before we leave. With the kitties we also clean all litter boxes and little accidents that may occur. With our other little fury friends, we clean their cages and feed and exercise them as you request.

All of our fees are based per visit. We do not charge extra for each pet.

Insulin Shots - $30.00 Minimum Fee

All shots are submitted during a routine visit, but that visit is charged a minimum of $20.00.

Holiday Fee - $30.00/visit

Holidays include Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day and 4th of July.

Vet Visits - $30.00/hour

If while you are away, your pet needs emergency care, we will of course, transport your pet to and from the vet and stay with him or her during evaluation and treatment. We will then contact you with a full report from the vet and pick-up & administer the medications that are needed.

Overnight care - $75-$85/night (Depending on Area). Includes evening & morning visit.

This service is perfect for the pet that does not like being left alone all night. We will curl up with your pet and make him or her feel loved & secure while you are away. One weeks advance notice is required.

Our Little Friends in Small Cages Services - $30.00/day

This would pertain to any small animal that could be transported to our home.  We would take care of your pet in our home, so he would have constant supervision and attention.  This charge is with the understanding that you would drop off and pick up your little guy.  This is an inexpensive alternative to pet care in your home.

Our New Jersey pet sitting services included in each visit are:

  • Walking & exercising your pet
  • Feed & Give fresh water
  • Maintain your pets scheduled routine
  • Brushing your pet
  • Give treats (if permitted)
  • Clean Litter Boxes & Cages
  • Clean-up any accidents
  • Administer medication & supplements
  • Provide you with a daily log of what happened during our visit & call you if something is wrong.
    (gas smell, broken window, etc.)

Our Home Services are:

  • Take in any mail or newspapers
  • Water plants
  • Alternate lighting & window coverings
  • Clean-up of pet areas

We take pride in our business and make it our goal to have 100% client satisfaction for you and your pet. You will experience from the first visit how calm & happy your pet is when you return home either at the end of your long workday or from your much needed vacation. Some of our clients were unable to take vacations until they used our services and then found out how happy and secure their pets and their home was while they were away. So call us for NJ home pet sitting when your pets need love & care while you are away from them. We look forward to hearing from you.

References supplied upon request.